Our Mission


Our mission is to raise funds to continue research for both male and female infertility regardless of the underlying cause.
— Gianpiero Palermo


The main purpose of the Foundation is to promote research projects in the field of Reproductive Biology. The area of research will range from physiological and pathological characteristics of human gametes to the assessments of their genetic constitution. The research will investigate the intimate interactions between male and female gametes as well as to monitor the mechanisms involved in the subsequent embryo development. The main focus of the research is to develop new technologies to allow men with severely compromised semen parameters to father children. In addition, the Foundation will provide scientific support to devise techniques to treat women with compromised ovarian function due to congenital abnormalities, cancer treatment, or premature ovarian failure. The technology utilized will include microsurgery of gametes, nuclear transfer procedures, electro-cell fusion, and cryopreservation. The therapeutic possibilities of the upcoming stem cell technologies will also be investigated.

The Foundation aims at providing grants to support young investigators wishing to perform original research projects or contribute to ongoing research work in Reproductive Science.

The Foundation will aim at conducting scientific seminars focused on new techniques and exploring the eventual clinical applications of these new developments taking into consideration on the ethical implications. The seminars will provide exposure for the research promoted by the Foundation. Seminars will attract international experts and researchers ranging from reproductive physicians, embryologists, and geneticists to psychologists, philosophers, lawyers, and religious experts. An intense collaborative exchange program with reproductive research laboratories of prestigious academic centers will be assembled. The seminars will facilitate interaction and the Foundation will help to organize reciprocal exchange visits of physicians and scientists from different accredited institutions.

The Foundation plans to establish the premises to nest an advanced reproductive laboratory and house a specialized library dedicated to collecting all published material in the field of Reproductive Biology, which would be open to all researchers. As the Foundation gains its reputation, fundraising activities will be organized to gain support to build the facility.