His Legacy Continues

Luigi Palermo, better known to his family and friends as Gino was born on April 21, 1921 in Brindisi, Italy from Olimpio Pietro Palermo and Maria Galiano. He married Pia Albano on December 26, 1955. 

Gino spent over 25 years in the Italian Royal Navy as an officer on the Italian battleship Italia former Littorio and as a submariner on the submarine Santorre di Santarosa, just to mention some of his assignments. He was highly decorated during his missions in World War II and received the Italian Bronze Medal for Military Valor and the Cross of Merit of War. However, Gino was a man of peace. He was known for his quick acting, decisiveness, and most of all for his unselfish and generous behavior.

Gino departed on December 20, 2007 at the age of 86. He leaves behind his wife and three sons, Gianpiero, Domenico, and Fernando and four grandchildren, Luigi, Diana, Maria Pia, and Gianluigi. He had a tremendous sense of life and extreme dedication to young people. His teachings were very empirical but full of great values.

Gino also had a very profound respect for education and transmitted that drive to his children. His main concern has always been the happiness and well being of his wife, Pia, and his children. Gino had no interest or attachments to material things and he maintained this philosophy throughout his entire life. 

Although he can be considered as a man with a simple life, he was indeed an extraordinary man — and his legacy continues.